Our preferred partners

Our preferred partnerWhat do we work with them for?
LeSS Company BV
LeSS training, Organization Design,
Executive training, LeSS adoptions coaching,
Agile coaching, Product Coaching, Technical
Practices coaching
Cognitive Edge Ltd.
Cynefin training, Sensemaker training, Executive
training, Complex facilitation – strategy,
organization design, design thinking

Is our preferred certification partner for all
Scrum training and certifications
– Scrum Masters, Product Owner, Development
team training, Kanban for Scrum, Scrum with
User Experience UX practices
Scrum Alliance

For Agile coaching including mentoring and
coaching Scrum Masters and Product Owners
Coaching services to Organizational Agile
Organic Agility/agile42
For Organizational agility coaching and training
using Organic Agility framework – supporting
complexity aware practices using Cynefin tools
Learn Wardley Mapping

Use of Wardley Maps as a strategic planning
and decomposing tool
Viral Change from
The Chalfont Project

We use Viral Change as our change method of
choice for network-aware people-driven change
Vanguard Method
Is a Lean approach for Operational customer
centric problem solving where most operational
problems are solved from a customer viewpoint
Management 3.0
We use Management 3.0 practices to help move
organization to distributed leadership tools from
top-down hierarchical management
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