My experience portfolio

I started my career along with the growth of the PC industry as a hands-on coder writing code for both custom software and in commercial product development. As an entrepreneur and technocrat, I ran a software company that grew to employ over 60 people.

Over the last 30+ years, my domain experience spans a multitude of technologies and a wide range of business domains – Finance, Investments, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Supply Chain, Airlines, HR, and software/product development with the ability to cross-connect and apply ideas across these domains.

In the last 15 years as a coach and educator, I have been working with various organizations to bring the agility, product development, and modern software practices. In this time, my work has touched the lives of over 200+ teams and has resulted in building skills and competencies through hard work, learning, and from a lot of pain. In reverse chronological order my engagements include:

  • Lead Transformation coach and consultant from CGI at Sun Life Financial in the Insurance industry helping them build out agility from scratch – a 30-month engagement which led to 40% of their project budget being executed by agile teams – with methods like Scrum, Kanban, LeSS and SAFe and a large DevOps initiative to match the technical practice requirements from the 40+ teams
  • Lead Transformation coach and consultant from Wipro Consulting at Micron Technologies helping them for over 18 months in their global journey to agile software development – 25+ teams across the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Coaching engagements at Bell Canada and Scotiabank through CGI.
  • Coaching engagement at GEICO and Kohl’s through Wipro Consulting
  • Coaching engagement at Barclaycard’s at Delaware
  • New Product development coaching with over 60+ teams for Ceridian Corporation rebuilding payroll/HR application as well as applying agility to CRM, ERP, and other business initiatives.
  • Scrum Master for rebuilding the FSOS application for the Govt. of New BrunswickDepartment of Justice – an extremely successful application of agility to an outlier government engagement for over 30 months

Prior to my Coaching and teaching life, as a large technology engagement large scale Program Manager and Project Manager was exposed to a multitude of technology in varying domains – listed again in reverse chronological order.

  • JP Morgan Chase – Web banking merger with Bank One. 250 member team.
  • Charles Schwab – rebuilding enterprise active directory
  • Abacus Travel agency – with projects at Cathay Pacific, BTI Marsman, American Express Travel, and travel agents product development deployed at over 25,000 locations
  • Singapore Airlines – website redevelopment, personalization and content management
  • Bank One – Tandem Base 24 enhancement and disaster management project
  • FedEx Global Inventory visibility – supply chain management project
  • News Corp Australia website
  • Delta Airlines pick-seat project

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