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Oh Captain! my Captain!

I had the opportunity to work with (and learn from) Sri for over 2 years during his tenure with Sun Life Financial. His knowledge, experience, and vision were instrumental in helping Sun Life initiate our Agile Transformation. Under Sri’s guidance we were able to assemble and train new agile teams, advocate for agile principles and values, demonstrate the value of agile, and change the organization for the better. 

Sri happens to be one of the most conscientious and passionate individuals that I have ever worked with. But be careful, because when you work with Sri, these traits are contagious! He always brings a positive energy and helpful demeanor to his work and normally finds a way to make everyone smile. He was also a wealth of knowledge and experience that we would draw upon all the time. 

He is truly missed and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sri again in future. 

If you want to elevate your agile transformation (be it Scrum, Kanban, Agile teams, Scaled Agile, Culture Change, Systems Thinking, etc.) and need someone to act as a leader, mentor, coach, change agent, or disruptor; Sri is your man!

Thanks Sri! Sun Life wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

I have known Sri for a long time even before meeting him in person. He comes highly recommended by my former boss from a different continent.  That said, I ran into him during my initial days at CGI and our conversations took on an interesting pace. Over the years, I noticed that Sri has an unwavering commitment to learn, unlearn and innovate in whatever professional challenges are thrown at him. Never shy, Sri came across to me as someone who questions the ‘status quo’, endeavors to make a difference and makes lasting impact.  Sri’s penchant for reading has grown my reading list  fuelled by his reviews. Always there to help, Sri has set a high bar and a lasting impression in  our professional circles. I recommend Sri unconditionally and would not bat an eyelid if I were to work with him again. 

Sri was our team’s Agile coach for the initial Agile transformation for the department I work in.  He traveled to Singapore and spent 2 weeks helping our teams understand the concepts of Agile (none of us had EVER done Agile before this activity).  Sri patiently worked through the training and the team forming giving us valuable insight at every step.  He was firm when needed but was flexible when he could tell our organization needed to bend some rules to fit our org. situation.

With Sri’s foundation, I’m happy to report our team just celebrated our 100th SPRINT and we still follow his teachings every SPRINT (Stand-up daily, Refinement, Retrospective, Customer Demo).  We would have struggled MUCH more without his guidance and patience.

In working with Sri at Barclays I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of Agile best practices and his ability to drive change.

In a short period of time time, Sri was able to organize, educate and broaden our organization’s understanding of what it means to deliver quality products on time and under budget. I give him my highest recommendation.

I worked with Srikanth during an enterprise delivery following Safe methodology. He was our Agile coach. That project was the first agile delivery for the team. We were following a global delivery model with teams in different geographical locations. Both shores enjoyed thoroughly working with him because of the high impact he made while instilling agile principles in day-to-day work.  

Srikanth has a deep understanding of agile principles and sets an example for his team and colleagues by practicing them consistently. He coaches in a way where a person is compelled to think for themselves and solve their own problems. 

In addition to learning many coaching techniques from Srikanth, I was also able to improve my facilitation style, conflict resolution approach and team lift-off approaches.

I highly recommend him as a coach, not just for software development teams but also for business agility and executive leadership.

Sri was instrumental in transforming, guiding and supporting our adoption of Agile . Extensive knowledge and dedication to his craft, he is an exceptional individual who communicates confidently and provides coaching and support without hesitation. 

Over the past 2.5 years, I have had the privilege of working with Srikanth.  During this time we have worked together on many different things and what I have appreciated the most is his ability to challenge our group’s way of thinking, forcing us to test our assumptions and biases.  His unique way of thinking, and vast amounts of knowledge, always ensured that we took a wholistic view of the problem, and approach solutions with the right framing.  I hope that I get the chance to work with Sri in the future as I know he will be involved in great things

I learned a great deal from Srikanth during my time working with him at Barclay’s. His vast knowledge of agile methodologies and strong grasp of different technologies, helped our group flourish within the bank. I can honestly say that I am a better Scrum Master after working with Srikanth.

I had an opportunity to work with Sri at a large financial services client undergoing an agile transformation.  Sri brought a wealth of knowledge on agile best practices and human psychology, which were instrumental in helping the organization take the first steps towards agility and the shift in mindset required to look beyond the process.  Sri provided guidance to the agile coaches and was instrumental in establishing many high performing agile teams.  Apart from being an expert in his field, Sri is also an amazing human being and an absolute pleasure to work with.  

Sri has played a very important role in my growth as a Coach – He has guided me on advanced concepts in complexity thinking, systems thinking etc. I often look to Sri when i need to bounce ideas, and every time I get a radically different and valuable perspective in how to solve problems. I would recommend Sri to any organization/team looking to tackle Big problems differently and openly.

I worked with Sri during his tenure with Sun Life on Agile Transformation initiative. He is one of the very few exceptional Agile Leader. The way he unwraps People, Process and Technology in an Agile transformation journey is unique and his approach to driving the change in an established Financial industry is impressive. His bold and clear communication creates a positive impact on Agile teams, Delivery, Business, and Executives.

 He has left a legacy of Agile knowledge in Sun Life. I look forward to working with Sri again in the future!

Srikanth is a passionate and cerebral coach who possesses vast troves of knowledge on organizational change and agility. So many enterprises today are in a precarious position between the norms of the past, and the mounting desperation to change and adapt to keep up with the unabating pace of tech disruption. Everyone needs someone like Sri, who innately understands that the keys to success have eluded most of our leaders – a strong clarity around how to manage complexity. Sri will help your teams by custom fitting a solution that respects and fits your context – not by blindly applying an off the shelf inert framework that ignores it. If you are confused and uncertain with how to make your transformations work, surround yourself with those who see systems and interactions – not rigid process and conservative norms. He’s a credit to any organization that partners with him and a beacon of wisdom in a time when it is needed most.

It was great to work with Sri during the Agile transformation journey.

Sri has lots of knowledge and can always know how to challenge the teams, and make them come up with the answer.

I definitely learned a lot from Sri and would be happy to work with him again.

I’ve known Sri for almost 2 years. In that time, I’ve had a number of opportunities to interact, share and learn from him. He is a very knowledgeable and inspiring agile practitioner. Especially in the areas of systems thinking and complexity science. I can always count on Sri enlightening me and others with his contrarian views. He has helped me be a better thinker. I also admire his willingness to give back and support the agile and systems thinking communities  through his involvement and organization of meetups and other learning events. He genuinely cares for the development of his fellow practitioners. The sign of a great coach.

Passionate and ‘A wealth of information’ is how I would describe Sri! 

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work and learn from Sri.  Sri has a unique distinction with his approach, purpose and focus to help change organizations.  Sri’s passion to do the right thing, his honesty and values were contagious and instrumental in our journey.  

Sri inspired and motivated us to push limits we never thought possible – heck we changed so many ways of doing things, I was even coined “The Disruptor” as we transformed our world of work!  This was a win-win situation as we gained huge efficiencies and rewarding client success stories through continuous delivery.  

Thank you Sri for your coaching, consultation, teaching and mentorship!

Sri is a deeply knowledgeable and engaging coach who is passionate about sharing his knowledge with anyone that wants to solve the deeply routed blockers of organizational agility. As a system thinker Sri believes that true agility is solved within the system not just optimizing part of the system This approach leads him to work with all areas of the organization. He brings his knowledge and expertise to the table to remind people what is possible if they continue to shake off the status quo and don’t accept the constraints of their current system

For more current testimonials, please refer to my LinkedIn page, and look under “Recommendations”

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