About me

I have been a technologist in the technology industry for the last 30+ years. In the last 15 years as an Agile Coach and trainer, I have been working with various organizations to bring agility, product development, and modern software practices to fast-moving teams. In this time, my work has touched the lives of over 200+ teams and has resulted in building skills and competencies through hard work, learning, and from a lot of pain.

I help you with the following:

Organization design and change – Educating Senior Executives and Management on transformational and change adoption practices, optimum organization design to support fast execution, and establishing practices for improving strategy, funding, governance, security, and HR practices to support agility. Application of frameworks, tools, and techniques to get you ahead to thrive in complexity, cheaper, and faster than your competitors can.

Product Management and Product Development – Working on strategies to evolve from Project-based practices to customer-centric product-based thinking – aligning strategic intent with the work done, long term vision and strategy crafting, the short term strategic intent planning and backlog decomposition, value-based prioritization techniques, ability to validate and change strategy quickly and effectively. Discovery Practices like MVP highly integrated with tools like Wardley Maps, Design Thinking, Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, and integrated CX/UX practices.

Teams of Teams practicing modern software development practices – Discovery and Delivery go hand in hand. Coupling Product Management practices with integrated product development practices where the teams are deeply engaged in the Product Discovery stage in order to realize the benefits of seamless delivery. Practicing multiple methods from practices of methods like Scrum, XP, Kanban, LeSS, intentional architecture, emergent design, development and testing practices like TDD, ATDD, BDD/SBE, extensive automation, CI/CD. This is coupled with team colloboration practices like Open Space, Community of Practices and other ways to create engagement and colloboration of humans working at scale.

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